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Well, Chile isnt quite the 3rd world, but anyway, the Economist wrote a good sum up of recent long span developments in chile:

They partially argue the advances of the country, or progress, are what allow the protests to happen. This was a smart student of mine’s point; that this is not a protest of lack, but a protest fueled by plenty, more access seen as possible, just within reach….I couldn’t say I know.

What I find funny…sad…who knows, is that the English press is so dominant in power that….in El Mercurio, one of the oldest Latin newspapers, if a bit irritating and conservative, there’s an article about there being an article.

Ie, look they wrote about us! Lets sum it up! We’re famous, someone important paid attention and wrote things! what does it mean? Who are we????

This is so Chile. Why are you here, foreigner. We are so happy to meet you. Do you love us? are you sure? we are not cool though, are you sure?? we are beautiful though, I mean, yea we are great but I mean blah blah blah ahhahaha

Also, there was just a pretty big earthquake, good shaer. Just 6.5, but it was by Valpo couple hundred miles from Stgo so….alls well

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